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Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational therapy contributes by maximising the fit between what the student wants and need to do and their capability to do it. Students who perceive that they have control over their environment and can address obstacles are more likely to derive satisfaction from their learning at school.

We have received countless feedback from teachers and parents over the years who are frustrated with existing Occupational Therapy services that remove a child from their natural environment, provide ‘therapy’ in a clinic and assume that the child will slot back into home and school life without any further problems.


An Occupational Therapy service is needed that sees students in the school and home environment.
WRITE Intervention brings a flexible service that provides:
  • Assessment and Treatment services,
  • Programs and support for Student Support Officers,
  • Classroom inclusion strategies for teachers,
  • Evaluation and monitoring of services,
  • A working knowledge of school and student needs so our outcomes are educationally relevant,
  • Occupational Therapy services that are driven by parents and teachers.